Working as an Instructor

I spent a year away from the industry doing research so it was quite hard for me to make a good come back. I found freelance work here and there but freelancers are struggling here in Cape Town because most places have a day rate of about R350, (which is surprisingly fair, given the industry).

Even so, if you don’t push through the freelance work, no Dive Centre will recognise you as a good instructor. How do you go about this? MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN! Send your CV to all the shops, give them a call, and then go in. That fact is being just a good instructor doesn’t quite cut it. You need your potential future bosses to see that you are friendly and easy going, but can work hard.

Luckily for me, I started freelancing at Adrenalised Diving, where I got the best day rate comparatively. Now for the next step, Know your standards. In Cape Town, the diving here is not for the faint hearted, so stick to your PADI standards! Both the Dive Centre and the clients will find out if you don’t, and next thing PADI blacklists you. Also, don’t lay off on the Dive Masters or DMT’s. A good leader leads by example so help pack the kit, wash gear and give them constructive feedback. Most importantly….DON’T FORGET YOUR PAPERWORK! This shows a lack of commitment.

If you make it this far, like me, you are bound to pick up some permanent or seasonal work. You have to love what you do guys! You have to respect your superiors and your clients, and then the industry will respect you.

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